We are Meeting and Exceeding CDC Guidelines for your Safety & Protection

Mandatory Staff Sanitizing Protocol
  1. Wear mask at all times
  2. Check your own temperature at start of day
  3. Wash hands with soap thoroughly for 20 seconds
  4. Wipe down table and headrest and anything that may be touched
  5. Wipe down bolsters with sanitizing materials
  6. Instead of hugs and kisses use elbows to say hello
  7. Check clients temperature, must be below 100.4
  8. When finished with session, remove table covering and wipe down table
  9. At end of day strip table and wipe down with sanitizing material

10 At end of day place stool on table and thoroughly spray room completely with air sanitizing solution

Air Filtration System

1 Bi-Polar Air Ionizer and Ultra-Violet Bulb filter systems installed in air conditioning unit

2 Additionally, each treatment room and common area are equipped with individual air purification systems