Shiatsu Massage

Considered the perfect balance of therapy and relaxation, Shiatsu massage is universally popular for its gentle yet effective results and benefits. Shiatsu massage is the perfect “beginner’s massage,” providing gentle pressure and friction that soothe sore muscles and loosen tight joints.

Shiatsu Massage Benefits

Among its many benefits, Shiatsu massage effectively eases tension, wipes out stress and promotes deep relaxation. For stubborn stiff spots, Shiatsu massage therapists can provide a bit more intensive massage to provide relief, but for chronic pain, it may be best to request a deep tissue massage, depending on the condition.

As with any massage technique, your comfort level is of the highest importance and clearly expressing touch and pressure preferences to the therapist can only enhance the overall experience and increase the effectiveness of the massage.

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Shiatsu Massage Results

Not only does the classic massage leave you totally relaxed but it also improves blood flow and serves to elevate your energy levels. Most clinics recommend therapeutic massage as one of the best ways to reduce stress.

Improve Your Metabolism - Therapeutic massage helps lower elevated levels of cortisol. This is instrumental for regulating the body’s metabolism.

Boosted Immune Response - Further research also shows that Shiatsu massage aids to increase the production of white blood cells and other immune cells in the body.

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